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Today we will talk about the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV

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Military UAV is an unmanned aircraft controlled by remote control equipment or self-contained program.According to its control mode,it can be divided into three types:radio remote control,automatic program control and integrated control.After reading these will subvert your perception of military UAVs.

At present,nearly 30 countries are engaged in research and production of UAVs,such as the United States,Russia,Israel,the United Kingdom and South Africa.The number of UAVs has increased to more than 200.It is estimated that by the beginning of the 21st century,there will be more than 23000 UAVs.This worldwide upsurge of UAV development has pushed the development of UAV to a new stage.

There are many kinds of unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs)and they are widely used.The main uses of military UAV are:target aircraft:to simulate the flight status of aircraft,missiles and other aircraft.It is mainly used to evaluate the performance of various air defense weapons and train fighter pilots and air defense weapon operators.

Reconnaissance UAV:carry out strategic,operational and tactical reconnaissance,monitor the battlefield,and provide intelligence for the army’s combat operations.

Decoy UAV:decoy the enemy radar and other electronic reconnaissance equipment to start up and obtain relevant information;simulate and display false targets,lure the enemy’s air defense weapons to fire,attract the enemy’s firepower,and cover the penetration of its own aircraft group.

EW UAV:reconnaissance and jamming of enemy aircraft,command and communication system,ground radar and various electronic equipment.

Attack UAV:attack and intercept ground and air targets.Attacking UAVs carry small and powerful precision guided weapons,laser weapons or anti radiation missiles,attack important targets such as enemy radars,communication command equipment and tanks,and intercept tactical missiles in boost phase.

Combat UAV:the US military believes that combat UAV is the development direction of the next generation of fighters.The combat UAV under development is planned to be put into operation in 2020-2025.The speed of combat UAV will reach Mach 12-15,which can be used for ground attack,air combat and Anti Tactical Missile.

UAV for other purposes:UAV can also be used for target identification,laser irradiation,air relay station for remote data transmission,antisubmarine,artillery correction,remote upper atmosphere measurement,chemical,bacterial contamination and nuclear radiation reconnaissance.

With the wide application of high-tech in weapons and equipment,the research and development of UAV has made breakthrough progress.It has appeared frequently in several local wars,and has won great praise from military circles all over the world.