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Today we will talk about the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV

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With the wide application of high-tech in weapons and equipment,the research and development of UAV has made breakthrough progress.It has appeared frequently in several local wars,and has won great praise from military circles all over the world.Today,Xiaobian tells you the advantages of military UAV with strong consumption property.

1)Military UAV can effectively reduce casualties,adaptability and survivability.

Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)is not limited by human factors.It can complete the task better and achieve the”zero casualties”combat target in the extremely harsh battlefield environment.It is easy to adopt various stealth measures to improve the radar,infrared and visual capabilities.

2)Military UAV has the characteristics of low cost and high cost ratio.

The military UAV has low manufacturing and maintenance costs,short training time and low cost for UAV controllers.It can complete a large number of manned aircraft tasks,and low cost can make it more professional.

3)Military UAV has flexible configuration and diversified tasks.

It has comprehensive advantages in volume,use and maintenance,and the battlefield configuration is more flexible,so that each tactical unit can easily obtain UAV support;the UAV system is designed in a platform and modular way,which is convenient for flexible adjustment according to the actual situation.

It is based on the above core advantages that UAVs are used more and more widely in the war.

With the development of UAV technology.Its mission areas are also expanding.Experts predict:in the 21st century battlefield,people will face an increasing number of UAVs,and military UAVs will reshape the combat mode of the 21st century.