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Common problem

Today we will talk about the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV

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With the rapid development of UAV related technologies at home and abroad,UAV system has a wide variety of types and wide applications,and has distinctive characteristics,which results in great differences in size,quality,range,flight time,flight altitude,flight speed,mission and so on.These technical features of UAV are really unexpected.

High resolution image acquisition is realized

UAV can achieve high-resolution image acquisition,which not only makes up for the shortcomings that satellite remote sensing often cannot obtain images due to cloud cover,but also solves the problems of long revisit period and untimely emergency response of traditional satellite remote sensing.


UAV system is composed of aircraft platform system,information acquisition system and ground control system.

The first generation was dominated by reconnaissance aircraft,and some UAVs have been equipped with weapons(for example,rq-1 predators are equipped with agm-114 Hellfire air-to-ground missiles).The military vision of a larger role for UAVs was initially bombing and ground attack,air-to-air combat,and the last area for pilots.Armed UAVs are called UCAVs.

Launch and recovery

The new generation of UAVs can be launched and recovered from a variety of platforms,such as ground vehicles,ships,aircraft,suborbital vehicles and satellites.The ground operator can check its program by computer and change the course of UAV as needed.Other more advanced technologies,such as advanced eavesdropping devices,leaf penetrating radars,and micro spectrometers that provide chemical capabilities,will also be installed on UAVs.

Since there is no pilot in command during the flight of UAV,in order to ensure flight safety,the UAV controller shall assume the rights and responsibilities of the captain,and shall specify the UAV controller when applying for the flight plan.