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Today we will talk about the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV

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The basis of UAV is a brushless motor.The combination of engine and propeller is necessary to keep the entire UAV hovering in the air.Keeping the UAV flying as long as possible requires a balance between the overall weight of the engine,propeller and structure.Today we will introduce the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV.

1.The Kv value of brushless motor is defined as the speed/volt,which means that the input voltage increases by 1 volt and the idle speed of brushless motor increases(RPM)

2.From this definition,we can know that the voltage input of brushless motor and the idle speed of motor follow a strict linear proportional relationship.

For example:the Kv value of a brushless motor is 1000kV,which means that the speed of the motor is 1000 rpm under the voltage of 1V.Under 10V voltage,the speed of the motor is 10V*1000kV=10000 rpm,of course,when the motor is unloaded.

3.Four digits on the motor.The first two digits represent the diameter of the motor stator in mm.The last two digits represent the height of the motor stator,which is also mm.

For example,2212 means that the diameter of the stator of the motor is 22mm and the height of the stator is 12mm.

4.Some motors also have a parameter,such as 12t,8t.This T represents the number of windings of the motor,also known as the number of turns.

5.For the same motor,with more winding turns,the Kv value is low,the maximum output current is small,but the torque is large,and the motor shape is flat and thick.

6.For the same motor,with less winding turns,the Kv value is high,the maximum output current is large,but the torque is small,and the motor shape is thin and high.

Like all motors,brushless motor includes bearing,coil,magnet(neodymium magnet for small motor and electromagnet for large motor),stator and end cover connected by bearing.Pudu International Aviation Technology(Dongguan)Co.,Ltd.,located in Wanjiang District of Dongguan City,is a comprehensive UAV service integrating R&D,production,sales and training Platform,the company’s products mainly include aerial UAV,military UAV,multi rotor UAV,emergency rescue UAV,VTOL fixed wing UAV and so on.