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Today we will talk about the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV

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UAV aerial images have the advantages of high definition,large scale,small area and high current.It is especially suitable for obtaining aerial images of strip areas(roads,railways,rivers,reservoirs,coastlines,etc.).The UAV provides a remote sensing platform for aerial photography,which is easy to operate and transfer.How do you define the route of aerial photographing UAVs?

UAV aerial photography takes unmanned aerial vehicle as the aerial platform,obtains information by airborne remote sensing equipment,such as high-resolution CCD digital camera,light optical camera,infrared scanner,laser scanner,magnetometer,etc.,and processes the image information by computer,and produces the image according to certain accuracy requirements.The whole system has outstanding characteristics in design and optimal combination.It is a new application technology integrating high altitude shooting,remote control,telemetry technology,video image microwave transmission and computer image information processing.

Using UAV to carry out small area remote sensing aerial photography technology has achieved obvious results and experience in practice.The micro aerial remote sensing technology with UAV as aerial remote sensing platform adapts to the needs of national economic and cultural construction and provides effective remote sensing technology service means for the economic and cultural construction of small and medium-sized cities,especially cities,towns,counties and townships.Remote sensing aerial photography technology plays an important role in promoting China’s economic development.

Aerial UAV takes off and lands in playground,highway or other open ground.It is stable,safe and easy to transfer.Small and portable,low noise,energy saving,efficient mobility,clear image,lightweight,miniaturization,intelligent are the outstanding characteristics of UAV aerial photography.