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Industry trends

Today we will talk about the brushless motor in the basic components of multi rotor UAV

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UAV is a kind of unmanned aerial vehicle controlled by radio remote control equipment or airborne computer program control system.Because of its simple structure and low cost,UAV can not only complete the tasks that manned aircraft can perform,but also can be applied to tasks that manned aircraft is not suitable for.Knowing the development trend of aerial UAV in advance will benefit you for life.

With the gradual deepening of China’s reform and opening up,the rapid development of economic construction,great changes have taken place in the landforms of various regions.The existing aerial remote sensing technology has been unable to meet the needs of economic development.The new remote sensing technology serves the growing economic construction and cultural undertakings.

The technology of unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV)as aerial remote sensing platform is a new applied technology developed to meet this need.It can better meet the needs of aerial remote sensing business in China at this stage and update the old geographic data.

With the development of China’s economic and cultural construction,great changes have taken place in many ancient buildings,archaeological sites,field archaeological exploration,and urban and rural landforms.Some layouts don’t reflect the new look.

The current use of information is relatively old.The conventional drawing cycle can not meet the needs.We use remote sensing aerial photography technology to update the geographical data,which has played a positive role in promoting regional economic construction.

In order to meet the overall needs of urban development,provide comprehensive geographic and resource information.Correct and complete information is the basis of scientific decision-making.All regions and departments need the latest and most complete topographic data in comprehensive planning,field archaeology,land consolidation and monitoring,farmland and water conservancy construction,infrastructure construction,factory and mine construction,residential area construction,environmental protection and ecological construction,etc.,which has become an urgent problem to be solved by government departments at all levels and new development zones.We use remote sensing aerial photography technology to accurately reflect.

Comprehensive information on newly discovered historic sites,new streets,bridges,airports,stations,land and resource utilization.Remote sensing aerial photography technology is a new application technology which combines various advanced means.

UAV aerial images have the advantages of high definition,large scale,small area and high current.It is especially suitable for obtaining aerial images of strip areas(roads,railways,rivers,reservoirs,coastlines,etc.).