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Multi rotor UAV


Multi rotor UAV


Multi rotor UAV is a special unmanned rotor aircraft with three or more rotor axes.


UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is a kind of aircraft which can fly autonomously or remotely without operators.


Multi rotor UAV is a special unmanned helicopter with three or more rotor shafts. The rotor is driven by the motor on each axis to generate lift force. The total pitch of the rotor is fixed instead of being variable as a helicopter. By changing the relative speed between different rotors, the size of the single axis propulsion force can be changed to control the flight trajectory of the aircraft.


UAV system


The UAV system consists of UAV flight platform, relevant remote control station, required command and control data link and any other components specified in the approved model design.


Rotor UAV


With strong maneuverability, it can take off, land and hover vertically. It is mainly suitable for low altitude, low speed, vertical take-off, landing and hovering tasks;


Advantages of multi rotor UAV


1. Reliable and stable


Considering from the mechanical reliability alone, multi rotor has no moving parts, its reliability basically depends on the reliability of brushless motor, and its reliability is high, while fixed wing and helicopter have movable mechanical connection parts, which will cause wear and tear during flight, leading to reliability degradation. Moreover, the multi rotor can hover, the flight range is controlled, and it is safer and more reliable than the fixed wing.


2. Easy to operate


The control principle of the multi rotor UAV is very simple. The four remote sensing operations of the controller correspond to the movement of the aircraft in the forward and backward, left and right, up and down and yaw directions. The flight of the UAV can be controlled by controlling these four buttons. In the aspect of autopilot, the control method of multi rotor autopilot is simple, the controller parameter adjustment is also very simple, easy to operate and control. Moreover, the multi rotor UAV can take off and land vertically without runway, while the fixed wing flight field requires to be open, and the coupling between channels will occur during helicopter flight. The design of autopilot controller is difficult, and the controller adjustment is also very difficult, which is no simpler than that of multi rotor UAV and has no field limitation.


3. High service


The structure of multi rotor UAV is simple, and it is easy to replace if the motor, electronic governor, battery, propeller and frame are damaged. Fixed wing and helicopter parts are more, installation also requires skills, if damaged, maintenance is relatively troublesome. Multi rotor UAV is light and compact with high flexibility. Under the trend of continuous improvement of battery energy density, lightweight materials and continuous miniaturization of airborne equipment, the advantages of multi rotor UAV are more obvious, and more and more people choose to use it, so the market prospect is broad.

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